Dos and Don'ts

Common mistake should be avoided :

  1. Always create the new company and update all your daily data in that company. Don't use the Demo company for storing the live data. When you reinstall/upgrade the software demo company will be overwritten. If you are storing data in demo company then your data will be lost. Refer here for know more about how to create the new company.

  1. Whenever installing the inventoryPlus make sure install or upgrade the software on all system, Server and all clients system.

  1. Upgrading the software to latest version will automatically upgrade the database to latest version. Again installing old version and using the upgraded database on old version will corrupt the database.

Recommended settings  :

  1. Configure cloud backup : Transactional data should be secured by taking the regular backup and it should be stored in Cloud drive for extended security. Refer here for more details about how to use the cloud backup