Frequent Ask Questions

  1. Is InventoryPlus is free software?

Answer :  InventoryPlus is free for personal and training purpose. No need to buy the software (as like other software), install the software start running the business, once required the advanced feature/support then buy the subscription.

  1. InventoryPlus support off-line installation?

Answer : Yes, InventoryPlus can be installed on any systems and Internet connection is not required to operate. All data will be store locally on specified server or system.

  1. I am not an expert in computer; will I be able to do the installation by my own?
    Answer : InventoryPlus Installation is Simple. Run setup.exe and fallow the instruction given by installation package.  Detailed instruction and video provided at how to install the InventoryPlus If you want to use InventoryPlus in Network systems/multiple terminal/multiple system then refer Network configuration topic.

  1. InventoryPlus is barcode ready package? Is it support all barcode scanner.
    Answer : Yes, InventoryPlus is barcode ready Products. It supports the all industry standard barcode scanner.

  1. Will this module ready for any future software upgrading?
    Answer : Yes, InventoryPlus will always do its R&D and always trying to maximize the usage of computer in industry.

  1. Is InventoryPlus Is Portable, What is Mean ?
    Answer : Yes InventoryPlus Company file is Portable. Just Copy .ims extension file to where ever you want.

  1. Can I simply change the server from PC to PC ?
    Answer : Yes, it is advisable you should dedicate a PC as the InventoryPlus server if you are running the big company with huge volume of transactions.

  1. Will this program affect my other program performance, such as interruption on network connectivity?
    Answer : No, InventoryPlus is well designed in such a way it is a passive type of program which do not take much of your computer resources and never affect your network connectivity.

  1. Sales bill or any other reports customization is possible?
    Answer : Yes, InventoryPlus support the editing the sales bill format, Click here to know more about Manage reports. Editing the report you can contact the support team. Our team will support the customization of sales bill as per company branding, If you have any pre-printed sales bill then we will support to enable the format as request. This request will be charged.

  1. Software customization is possible on request?
    Answer : Yes, Software customization can be done as per request. Contact InventoryPlus support team

  1. InventoryPlus supports any local language/Culture? if yes how to get the local language support?
    Answer : InventoryPlus supports all language and culture, by default we have enabled some predefined language which we are good in. We are ready to support widely used language. Contact support team if any local language support is required.

  1. How to change the currency?
    Answer : Configure the currency refer the help topic Currency Settings

  1. Software support generation customer and vendor transaction ledger ?
    Answer : Yes, software support accounting module as well, you can generate transaction report by opening the Accounting reports

  1. Software support sales billing ?
    Answer :Yes, refer the Sales entry topic. Software built with A4 and Thermal role bill format. It can be selected from settings -> Defaults -> Sales defaults settings screen. If any custom format is required then InventoryPlus supports sales bill customization but it should be done by raising the ticket.

  1. How to get the details of new release or event happening ?
    Answer : Like our facebook page to get all updates on InventoryPlus software.

  1. What is the default user name and password for new company created or opened demo company ?
    Answer : Refer the topic Create a new company for more details about login credentials.

  1. When i created the new company, system will show the company Mycompany 2016-2017. it is valid only for 1 year?
    Answer : System will create encrypted company file for each financial year. End of the year you have to create the new financial file from existing company file, All balance and stock details will be carry forwarded to new company. Refer how to create the new financial year topic for more details.

  1. Is InventoryPlus is on-line software, Is it possible to use in network ?

           Answer : InventoryPlus is the windows software and it should be installed on any of server/computer, It work online/offline mode. Refer Network Configuration topic for more details

  1. What about data security?

Answer : We are giving the high priority to data security, All data will be secured with industry standard encrypted, It can not be decrypted and shared so data will be highly secured.


     20. InvenotryPlus support Barcode scanner and Barcode label printing?

Answer : Yes InventoryPlus supports all industry standard barcode scanner and label printing with various options. Refer the topic how to use barcode in InventoryPlus and Barcode label printing. System support standard format (36 sticker in A4 page) sticker printing, Contact support team for any other customization required in label printing.

     21. How to hide the InventoryPlus copyright found at home screen?

Answer : Avail any support plan to hide the Eula and other informations, Company logo and address will be displayed instead of copyright message, refer Membership Registration

     22. Sales bill is not printing, what might be the reason, Any printer configuration is required to print the bill and reports?

Answer : Sales bill will be printed on printer selected in setting page, Open setting page -> Defaults -> Sales defaults settings, Select the printer from "Sales bill printing printer",  "Print enabled" should be selected. System default printer will be used for all other InventoryPlus reports.

     23. How to manage the good based on Batch Number/Serial number?

Answer : Refer this topic for more details about how to track goods on batch number or serial number.

     24. Application support to track the expiry date of goods?

Answer : Refer this topic for more details about how to track the expiry date.