Multiple user/On-line/Multiple terminal installation instruction.

InventtoryPlus can be used as ofl-line and also on-line solution. Off-line installation is regular installation,more details about off-line refer the Installation topic. On-line/multiuser installation is very simple, system should be installed on dedicated server/shared server. Install InventtoryPlus all on system included server and clients. .

Server Static IP Configuration

  1. Required to change the server ip address to Static IP.
  2. Click Change adapter settings. Right-click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties. Select "Use the following IP address" and enter the IP address (Ex., Subnet Mask, Default Gateway. and DNS server. Below screen is for reference only, Use any IP address or use the IP and other setting recommended by router.

InventoryPlus Installation and configuration steps to follow.

  1. Install InventoryPlus on server system - Run the setup file on server system to install the software.
  2. Install InventoryPlus on client system - Run the setup file on client system to install the software.
  3. Create the new company on server system, when creating the new company .ims file will be created on data folder found at InventoryPlus installation location. While installing software shared folder will be created with "InventoryPlusData".
  4. After creating the company on server, Goto settings -> Company Data, update the static IP address in IP field as configured above (This configuration is mandatory if you want to connect client to server PC.).
  5. Run the InventoryPlus software on client system. Click on "Open from server" from menu. Enter server IP address with shared folder path ( Ex. \\\InventoryPlusData).
  6. Click on Connect button will display all company created on server.
  7. Click on Select button and Click on Open button to open the company created on server.


  • Software upgrade on network is manual installation of setup file on all systems including server and all clients.
  • All client system will connect to server using IP address, make sure use the static IP address on server system.
  • InventoryPlus subscription activation required Server's IP and Port. If server IP is changed then required to change the Server IP address, Goto settings -> Company Data -> IP Address


1. How to get the server IP address?

Answer : Get the server IP address is simple. Run the software on server, Load "Open from server" will display the popup with open company window with server path. Server path contains IP address, use the same IP address on all client system to connect. (usually  IP Address start with