Master database collections for download

Refer Video tutorial click here for know more about importing our database in InventoryPlus


Download the sample database collection. File includes Product and group details for reference.

Sample for Computer shop

sample Products details to start manage computer shop, Option enabled for Serial number

click here to download

Sample for Mobile shop

Sample groups and items to manage the mobile shop. Option enabled for entering IMEI number

click here to download

Jewellery Company

Database is designed for Jewellery shop retail / wholesales business. This database will add extra feature called making charges collection on weight

click here to download

MASTER PRODUCT Database collections

We have committed to give the quality master database collection to our premium users.  We have tie-up with many of our existing users to share only master product/database list, It will be helpful to new users who want to start automate the business with InventoryPlus.

Database for Garment shop

Database consists of 205 product collection with option for capturing size and color of garment

click here to download

Medicine Database for Medical store/warehouse

We have consolidated 24000 drugs and commodities to help our InventoryPlus medical shore/warehouse users. Delete the not required drugs, it will help to speed up the system/performance.

Click here to download

Consolidated product list for Liquor store

We have consolidated around 500 liquors sold in India.

Click here to download

Supermarket/Departmental store/kirana shop

3100 Products with barcode number, consists of commodity products and all non commodity items.

Click here to download

Automobile shop/ automobile spare parts

Product list of 3200 items spare parts selling across India with HSN Number

Click here to download

Pathanjali store with barcode number ready

300+ Pathanjali items with barcode, ready to start business with all products

Click here to download

Women cloth store used in Garment store

Women cloth store around 400+ products lists

Click here to download

Travel Agency - Configured for Travel Agency

Database and Tax Invoice configured for Travel agency

Click here to download

Watch Retail Showroom

Database consists of 700 Products of Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Zoop Collections

Click here to download


  1. Download the required database from above 'Click here to download' link, It will download the .ims file.
  2. Copy .ims file to InventoryPlus installation location. Ex. "C:\Program Files (x86)\InventoryPlus\Data" is the default location.
  3. After copying the file to data folder, rename the .ims file as company name.  Ex. If you downloaded medical database then file name will be "MedicineMDB.ims", Rename the file to as per our company name (cmsstores.ims), All company data will be saved in this file, so give the proper name will help easily Identify the database file.
  4. Open the database using Open company option using InventoryPlus software.
  5. Goto Setting  -> Company Data to update all company name and other company details.
  6. Goto Product details screen, All master data should be ready now!


  • Master database collection will help to reduce the efforts for entering the all products into our system.
  • Download the file and save in local system where InventoryPlus is installed or location where company data to be saved. Required to copy file to location "C:\Program Files (x86)\InventoryPlus\Data"
  • Open the company using "Open Company" option from InventoryPlus to start the company. Refer Quick Tutor topic more details how to open the company.
  • Medical database contains more then 24000 drugs collection, This will be bit heavy if you try to open using old laptop (below 2 GB ram) so always delete the not required item and maintain only existing item, It will speedup the software and all report generation as well.
  • Master database collection is is not completely free, required to pay nominal charge.