Dose the new iPhone 4g support video calling? I have seen many questions on internet. Yes it is one of the most awaiting requests in iPhone. Now Apple iPhone 4g has answer, Now it come up with Facetime software and it support face to face video calling feature.

Here you can read the video calling feature review: A new release of apple, the iphone4 has been recently. The looks of the phone are sleeker and much appealing. With advancement in the earlier model of apple iPhone, this new heart throb offers several new and improved features with its launch. The new iphone4 comes with an upgraded operating system called the iOS4. With its long lasting battery life the iPhone can be carried without charging for a few days. The iPhone4 Contract deals are available on vodafone and orange network. Apple Iphone 4 handset has a camera capable of recording high definition videos and capturing high resolution images. However, the exclusive feature which will drag most of the consumers and gadget lovers is the Face To Face Chat.

The device provides its users with two cameras one facing the front to make videos calls while other at the rear end for shooting pictures. The amazing aspect of this exceptional gadget is its user friendly interface provided for video calling. It is armed with software called the Facetime that allows a user to call his or her contacts on a face call with just a tap. There is no need of looking for it, in call menus. The phone by itself acts to everything. The only job of the iphone4 owner is to find the concerned contact and then tap the Facetime option.

The phone will automatically call with video and this tap will send an invitation to the contact asking their acceptance for video chat. The camera facing front is will be used as the input for the contact called and iphone4 has engraved the camera in such a way that the focus is directly on the face. The camera is placed in perfect fashion to take the best shot as the focal length and field of view are at their best. Facetime software is tuned with the front camera and activates the camera the moment the function is clicked.

Video calling feature

Video calling feature

The rear camera can also be used as an input device to share occurrence of any event with your dear ones. Now the absence of your close ones will not make you upset as you can share your precious moments with the aid of this outstanding feature. The rear camera has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The most popular Apple iPhones these are Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 4 etc.

So the video quality is very good and another tap let you switch to your front camera. Moreover camera can work on both portrait and landscape mode. The connection of Facetime is a Wi-Fi connection so doesnt require service providers for video calling facility. So even if are on a voice call you can tap the Facetime function to activate the video chat feature.

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