If you are a great fan of Android OS then Samsung galaxy S2 will attract you in smart phone segments. We have compiled Facts of one of the hottest smartphone. 

This is the list of Cons you can find in Samsung Galaxy S2.

  1. Phone is really hot :), Yes it is generating the heat too. Samsung Galaxy S2 gets heat very fast – when you use GPS, Internet services heavily, the device gets heats. It might be due to dual core CPU.
  2. Missing Gorilla glass – Yes this amazing device missing the Power of unbreakable and unsearchable Gorilla glass.
  3. Battery Life – Battery life is about Max 14 hrs(on a moderate use) and Minimum 10 hrs on a heavy use after an overnight full charge. Now Samsung released bigger size batter. You can go for it.
  4. No hardware key for camera –If you want to use camera then go through the software menu, no hot hardware key to start the camera and take shots.
  5. Speed – Initially it was speedy as like other handset. After installing multiple application operating user complained handset become slow. This might be not properly configuring the software it might eat the battery and CPU performance. 
  6. Offline GPS Navigation – Android system doesn’t support offline navigation like Nokia Symbian.  I’m really missing the offline navigation.
If you found any other issues or problem then it is right time to share with other users. Comment your opinions. 

Samsung Galaxy SII Cons

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