Coupon & Promotions

InventoryPlus support the discount/coupon promotion using Coupon module. Coupon module will support for creating the coupon with multiple parameters, It can be redeemed/claimed while billing.  Manage coupon screen can be opened by clicking on Coupon from tool bar menu.

Coupon Code: This field should be unique field, Field used in sales bill for redeeming this coupon.  First time click on Generate button to generate the coupon code. Use the barcode available at coupon/promotion card if you want to distribute the discount card to customers.

Coupon Name: Coupon description can be entered here. Enter detailed description about coupon help to identify the uses in future

Coupon Type: Type of discount going to create should be selected in this field.  Two type of discount available like Flat discount and Percentage discount. If flat discount selected the discount calculated based on amount. If percentage is selected then discount amount calculating based on selected percentage.

From Date: Discount Promotion should active from Start Date

To Date: Set end date of discount promotion if required . Leave this blank if there is no end date for coupon

Redeeming coupon in Sales: In Sales screen, Click on “Details” button, enter the coupon code in coupon field, click on apply button to redeem the coupon. Click on coupon field and scan the barcode available in coupon card if exits.

Disable field can be used to temporarily disable the coupon so it cannot be claimed in sales.

Loyalty Program: Select "Loyalty Programs" from coupon type dropdown to configure the loyalty program/point.  Configure the point based discount, select the "Loyalty Point" from loyalty programs dropdown. Map coupon code to customer, when billed against the customer coupon auto selected and point updated to customer. Check the available point goto customer, click on extra tab to view the available point.  Redeem the point in sales screen by clicking on 'Detail' button and click on redeem button.

Loyalty program for cash and carry customers based on phone number: InventoryPlus support point based loyalty program for cash and carry customer (customer is not registered in customer screen).  Create the coupon with "CASH" as coupon code and select the loyalty program and loyalty point from loyalty program option.  In sales screen select the customer from 'Customer' button. Enter the phone number and enter customer name if required (No need to select the existing customer, select the Cash or default cash is selected.). Click on 'Detail'  button will enable the redeem button, this will show the available point with given phone number. Redeem button will be enabled only if phone number is entered in customer screen for cash party.


    • Apply the coupon in sales screen, Click on Detail button and enter the coupon code and click on apply button to apply.
    • Enter all items before applying coupon in sales
    • Coupon will be applied only if all criteria matches. if any one of criteria of coupon fails then coupon cannot be applied in sales.
    • Coupon cannot be applied on already discounted product.
    • Map Coupon code to customer can be done using customer screen. If customer selected in sales screen, coupon code auto populated in coupon field available in sales option field. in Sales screen click on Detail button and click on apply will apply the discount.  
    • System support tracking of coupon supposed to be claimed and total claim count if coupon allow infinite claim.
    • System supports max claim amount can be set from manage coupon screen.
    • Coupon claimed count will be available at manage coupon screen.
    • Cash and Carry loyalty point will be available within financial year (Customer who are not registered in manage Customer screen).  
    • Loyalty point for registered customer will be carry forwarded to new financial year.  You can see the accumulated points in customers screen in extra tab. It can be edited whenever it is required.