Email Configuration

InventoryPlus support configuring the email, Send the soft copy of sales invoice and receipt to customer or provided email id.

To configure the email Goto Settings -> Company Details -> General setting, Click on Email configuration will open the below screen.  

    • Click on Email Configuration : Configure the email server.

    • Click on Options : This will help to configure the email message format.

      1. Select the Send sales Invoice email to send email while generating the Sales Invoice
      2. Select Send Payment receipt email option to send email when user receipt raised through voucher screen.
      3. Reset button help to reset the message format to original format.
      4. Short code (Ex.  {name} ) will be replaced by actual when sending email.


1. Possible reason of email sending failure in gmail account is  : Required enable the less secure app in Gmail setting screen. go to security settings at the following link and enable less secure apps .

2. Reason for not sending email is there is some issues at SMTP server or configuration provided in above email configuration screen.

If you are not using any SMTP server then signup for (GMailMailGun or Mandrill) and you can use
the corresponding SMTP Connection example:
for Google Mail (GMail):


Username: your gmail email address

Password: your gmail email password ( Case sensitive! )

Port: 587

SSL connection: make it checked
Company email address: your gmail email address (must be the same as the username!)


for MailGun: (login to your MailGun account and click on "Domains" tab to get your SMTP credentials)

Username: your Mailgun SMTP username

Password: your Mailgun SMTP password ( Case sensitive! )

Port: 587 or 465  (Both are SSL port and both work)

SSL connection: make it checked

for Mandrill: (login to your Mandrill account to get your outgoing email credentials)

Username: your mandrill email address

Password: your mandrill api key ( Case sensitive! )

Port: 587

SSL connection: make it checked