Installation instruction.

  • Download the installation package from here or visit the website  and click on download link button from the website
  • This will prompt you to save, Save As or Run the application.
  • Select Save As and save to your computer.
  • After save double click on Setup.exe file to start the installation. In case if it will prompt the message “Setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.” then, please click the Actions button and then it will open the second screen with three options, then select “Run Anyway” and this will start the installation.
  • During installation it will prompt you couple of messages, please select “Accept”. And this will complete the installation process.
  • Open the "Inventory Management System" shortcut from desktop icon to Launch the application.
  • Visit the Quick Tutor for more information about the InventoryPlus software.
  • Some anti virus gives warning message similar to "Installation package infected with virus", This is not exactly true, We are scanning the setup file before uploading to server. We will make sure setup file is 100% safe and secure. As setup file contains reporting component and required .dll embedded in setup file so anti-virus will give the warning message, you can skip the warning and continue with the setup file installation.

Note for Windows 8 and above Installations

  • If you are installing InventoryPlus on Win 8 and above there might be chance of getting below message.

Click on “More Info”

Click on “Run anyway”

Refer the Youtube video for how to install the InventoryPlus