The different inventory information that you would provide to InventoryPlus by way of masters are:

Products Details/Stock Items

Like Ledgers, Stock items are the primary inventory entity. You will use stock items while recording their receipts and issues. This is lowest level of information about your inventory. Each item that is required to be accounted for, needs to be created. In fact, you will create a stock ledger account for each item and Value+ calls this account 'Stock Item'.

Stock Groups

Group items into categories for organized stock control. Grouping would enable easy location and reporting of stock items in statements. Hence, items of a particular brand can be grouped together so that you can extract stock of all items of that brand.


Create Stock Groups like Dell Laptop, Sony Laptop, HP Laptop. Your stock items could then be Sony VAIO fit 15, Sony VAIO Fit14, Dell XPS 13, DELL Inspiron 11, HP Pavillon 15 etc,.

Classify the Sony products under the Stock Group Sony. Now you have ready details of all Sony products suitably classified.

You may even group items as Raw Products and Finished Goods.You can create sub-groups of Stock Groups for deeper analysis.