InventoryPlus   is our major release, System will handles accounting, inventory giving the rich experience to user in their day to day activities. System will give the good quality with free product to our customers with on-line service.

CMSStores is a dedicated software unit that aimed to provide total customized solutions for accounting, inventory systems. Our experienced software developers and consultants who have committed ourselves as to assist organization to computerize its operation with maximum utilization of computer technology. We strike for the principle of Quality Product with best in industry support.


Product Summary

InventoryPlus  (Complete Inventory management software) gives  total solution for accounting and inventory systems. It consist of large number of customizable reports with on-line/off-line Systems. 

The salient features of InventoryPlus package are :-

Customizable accounting and inventory with portable data.

Set low-level warnings so you know when to re-order items

Easy multiple company maintainer with multiple location/Branch feature

Easy installation and configuration.

Report can be scheduled and data can be synced across the branches

Report Template can be edited & Report export to all format.

Less accounting, computer knowledge required

Report can be requested from Mobile

Stock handling and inventory included in a single package.

Security with password protection.

Easy sales bill, voucher entry.

Operative from removable disks, Cloud backup feature.  

Analyze the data using analytic tools.