InventoryPlus support the tracking of goods based on batch no/Serial no. Managing the expire of goods also simple with inventoryPlus.

    1. Goto "Group Details" screen
    2. Create new group and Select the "Stock Maintanance" dropdown as "Manage stock by batch/serial no" (Ex. name group as Tables)
    3. Select "Enable expire date feature" if you want to track goods expiry.
    4. Goto Product screen.
    5. Create new Product by clicking on New button.
    6. Select created group "Under Group" dropdown (select 'Tables' group should be available to select which created at above point 2).
    7. Save the Product.
    8. Goto Purchase screen, Add new row and select the Product from drop down, Press Enter will show the batch no, batch date, expire date in purchase screen to enter.
    9. Goto Sales screen,  enter the item name will display all available batch no has the stock. Raising the sales bill will reduce the stock.