Are you crazy playing game in mobile? Here you can find the collection of free android games for download and start playing. Finding best free android games is difficult task.  I have compiled collection of best addictive games available for android platform. All the below games for Android are highly popular, not just because they are free, instead they actually rock.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds from Rovio is the second most popular game after legendary Mario. This game is available for all OS not only android. In this game, you control a group of birds in order to retrieve the eggs which are under the control of a group of piglets.

Best Free Android Games

Best Free Android Games

Pocket Empires Online

Welcome to the ultimate ONLINE WAR GAME (MMO) on Android. Harvest,Build,Conquer and much more. Over 10 unique structures to build up the city, 30 different creatures to be captured. Very addictive game to be play on your android phones.

Finger Bowling

It’s a perfect bowling game for a touch screen device. To play this free Android game, you must move the ball and pointing to the sticks with your fingers.


It is an excellent game to have on your Android device. This Android Pinball offers attractive graphics and real Pinball feeling.

Rush Ninja

This is another interesting free Android game where you need to use all the skills of a ninja to scroll through different levels. The game offers some really attractive graphics.

Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom Age of Emergence is a massively multiplayer role playing game. Parallel Kingdom uses the GPS to overlay the parallel world on top of the real world. Chat with, fight, or visit other players inside the game. Place flags, plant trees, gather resources, and make items and fight with a variety of creatures.

As we know android market is huge and there are number of apps coming into the market every day. These are some of the best free Android games that I have tried. I know there are number of other good Android games too. If you played any other interesting games then please comment.

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