Nursing has been one of the most valuable and rewarding careers for decades and data indicates that it will continue to be in high demand for decades to come. There are many reasons why nursing is the perfect career today and they include: demand, population, and salary. Here we are going to discussion the nursing job opportunity in Dubai. Dubai is currently the fastest growing population in the world. For people looking for jobs in Gulf, It is one of the most sought after career destinations. Like a typical Arabic country, economy of Dubai is not concentrated only on oil and gas sectors, it has in fact been able to diversify its economy in the recent years. Apart from tourism, real estate, hospitality and finance sector, health care industry is also offering myriad of career opportunities in Dubai now.

The health care sector presents plenty of jobs in Dubai for expatriates across all levels such as doctors, specialists, surgeons, nurses, attendants, etc. In the current scenario, the demand for nursing jobs in Dubai has been constantly growing. With the entrée of international healthcare companies, world class services are made available to the patients. Both the international and local hospitals in Dubai now look forward to hiring numerous well trained and qualified nurses.

Jobs for nurses in Dubai offer not only good money but also international exposure and contemporary work places. The international hospitals in Dubai are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and world class amenities. The salary paid to nurses in Dubai is tax free resulting in higher savings along with other facilities like free or subsidized accommodations, medical insurance, trips to country of origin, etc. Nursing jobs are mostly on contractual basis in Dubai and so it is suggested that before accepting any job in Dubai, one must read and understand the contract well.

Nursing jobs in Dubai are available with Hospitals: Jobs for nurses are available in various departments in hospitals at different levels. Nursing jobs for both specialized nurses as well as general nurses are available. Experienced and highly trained nurses are recruited in departments like emergency department, maternity department, intensive care units, pediatrics department, surgical department, radiology department and others. General Nurses are hired for out patients department in various hospitals. The duties of nurses depend on various factors like their past experience, qualification, requirement of the hospital, etc. They generally work under the guidance of doctors and senior nurses.

Private Doctors and Medical practitioners: Apart from a career in hospitals, nurses can look for jobs with private doctors or medical practitioners as well. All kinds of doctors and practitioners such as cardiologists, gynecologists, dentists, physiotherapists and others may also recruit nurses to look after the ailing patients. Varied duties may be given to nurses hired privately. There can be other job opportunities offered to private nurses by various other institutions.

Other Avenues: Other institutions like schools, multinational companies or influential families may also have the requirement for nurses. Though these kinds of jobs are well paying, they are generally for short period of time. Both international and local schools in Dubai recruit nurses in school dispensaries to look after the students under any emergency, etc. Corporate institutions also hire full time nurses to take care of their employees at the earliest whenever needed. Sometimes, a family may employ a nurse to cater to the elderly members or patients within the family.

The advertisement of nursing job in Dubai is generated through newspapers, recruitment agencies, job portals and company websites. Candidates with prior work experience are preferred especially in international hospitals. Also, employers relate a lot of credibility to references, so references make for one of the most reliable and easiest ways of getting jobs in Dubai.

Since foreign population in Dubai is very high, hospitals employ nurses who can easily understand and get familiar to the requirements of foreigners. This helps in betterment of healthcare facilities offered by paying the right kind of attention to the patients.

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