InventoryPlus's options can be customized by using the "Settings" toolbar menu. Setting window contains several Tab. The different features of a company can be selected or modified by using tab.


This tab displays the Opened company file Details.You can view opened company location,size,created date,Last Modified date, Last Backup Date etc,.


Backup Settings tab can be activate it by clicking on Backup Tab. InventoryPlus has a flexible back-up mechanism where in you can take a backup of the data from virtually any storage medium into any other medium. The more commonly used media are hard disk drive, zip drive, tap drive, etc. In the backup screen, the source of the backup and the destination of where it has to be stored has to be given, InventoryPlus will do as required.

Depending on the volume of data entry, an appropriate backup mechanism will have to be devised. One method to achieve the same will be by maintaining a backup directory in the local hard disk or the server (external storage media such as the floppy disk, zip diskette can also be used). We can have sub-directories for every day of the week under the main backup directory and regularly take data backups in the following manner depending on the day of the week.

Monday – C:\CAPBackup\Monday

Tuesday - C:\CAPBackup\Tuesday

Wednesday- C:\CAPBackup\Wednesday and so on till Saturday.

Note: In the example, we have given the I drive path- this does NOT mean that the Value backup facility is limited to the Hard Disk drive alone. The above procedure ensures that there exists a reliable data backup at any given time. In order to use that reliable data backup or bring back the data from that existing data backup we have to use the "Restore" option.


Default setting tab can be activated by clicking on Default tab. All general configuration related to company's default settings will be available here.

Enter the Starting Voucher No of company whose books are being opened. Enter Starting Sales Bill no, Credit Bill no. Select Bank Account, Credit Card account Ledger. Select Rounded Amount Ledger used in Sales bill to Round the Net amount. Select Other Misalliance Amount ledger used in Sales bill to add other amount or deducted amount. Enter Opening Stock Value of company whose books are being opened. Enter Closing Stock Value at the time of closing Financial Year.

Note :

  1. Selecting 'Print Enable' option enabled Printing in the Sales/Voucher Transactions.
  2. Selecting 'Print Preview Enable' option enabled Print preview the Sales/Voucher Transactions. Disable the option suppose if you want to send to printer without preview(Increase the billing speed).
  3. Make sure to create the ledger using accounting screen before selecting the list.
  4. Create the Bank Account Ledger selecting the "Bank Accounts"(Under drop-down) in accounting screen.
  5. Creating the Income/Expense Ledger in accounting screen enables you to selecting in 'Rounded amount ledger' and 'Add other' selection control.
  6. Select the bill printing printer, Selection will be available for all installed printer. Sales bill will sent to the selected printer.
  7. Enable Barcode Scanning option enable to barcode scanning system in InventoryPlus. Barcode details should be entered in 'Products details' screen for each item.  Refer theProduct s details topic

Company Details

Company details can be activated by clicking on  Company detail tab. This screen used to configure the company details.

Give the name of the company whose books are being opened. The name given here will typically be the name of your company. If you are a professional accountant and are maintaining the books of your clients, give the Client Company's name. In addition to the Company Name - InventoryPlus provides the facility to enter the mailing name and address of the company.


    1. Selecting the 'Set as startup Company' option enables load the current company file as default opening Company.  If you want to open the company, you should use the open tool bar menu or just double clicking the company file name located in recent companies..
    2. Selecting the 'Hide in Startup page' option hide the company file name in startup page list. Using this option you can hide the company from other users.

Financial Year

Financial year configuration and new financial year creation can be done using this screen.

Company book is maintained for a stipulated period like, 12 months. This stipulated period is referred to as the Financial Year. Therefore - specify the required Financial Year date - for the company being created. The stipulated period of the financial year is 12 months in most countries. Hence, InventoryPlus automatically considers 12 months from the date you give here as the Financial Year. Select "Financial year starting from" date to mention the financial year starting date. System will automatically calculate the financial ending date.  click on save button to Save the financial year starting and ending date.

'Start New financial Year' button is used to close current financial year and create new next financial. By clicking on Create new financial year button will take you to New Financial Year Wizard. 'Update ledger balance' button is used to update current year transaction OB with Previous year CB. transaction. By pressing 'Update ledger balance' button will take you to Update Financial Year Wizard

Visit Manage Financial year topic for more about closing the financial year transaction and create new financial year file.


  1. 'Create New financial Year' button enabled/appears only Login Date is set to last date of Financial Year ( as per above screen shot i.e. 31-Mar-2017).
  2. 'Update ledger balance' button enabled/appears only Login Date is changed to First date of Financial Year ( as per above screen shot i.e. 01-Apr-2016).
  3. System will create the new file for each financial year. Creation of new file is automated and all ledger balance and stock will be carry forwarded to new file. after creation of new financial year process inventoryplus will log off and log in with new file.
  4. If organization using the multiple company, system will create the one file for each company. Complete the year end process for each company is mandatory to continue to next financial year.