InventoryPlus Multi branch/location data sync using Dropbox

InventoryPlus support multiple branch data sync using Dropbox, Our advanced sync feature will help to retain the same customer/product details across the different branch. Now it is simple to extract the customers balance synced across the branch. If there is any price changes then it is easy to update the rate change from central warehouse and push the data to all stores.

Advantages of multiple branch sync are,.

1. Consistent Internet is not required. When Internet is available Dropbox will sync the data to all released locations.  

2. Central server is not required to store all branch data, Dropbox will be used for storing data and sync across the locations.

3. Customer can buy from any branch and pay the amount at any branch, Sync will be used to maintain consistent ledger balance. Customer balance and reward point will be consolidated across branches.

4. Warehouse can be used as central branch, Stock and can be transfered to all locations whenever it is required.  

Steps to enable sync

1. Download & Install the Dropbox from here, Create the dropbox account and login to dropbox on all main system of all branches.

2. Goto Settings -> Defaults -> General settings -> Select the "Enable Multiple Branch" options.

3. Goto Settings -> Company Details -> General Settings -> Click on "Config Data Sync: button, This will open windows, Select "Enable Data Sync" checkbox will automatically populate the Dropbox folder path, If system not able to pick the dropbox folder path then manually update the dropbox folder path field with actual Dropbox folder location.  

3. Goto Settings -> Company Details -> General Settings ->  Click on "Branch Details" button will open the multiple branch configuration window. Usually in main branch(Head office or warehouse) required to create all branches, so in other menu you can select the desired branch and generate the report related to branch, In all other branch/shop just rename the Primary to Branch Name, usually checking the other branch related report is not required in Shop.

     Refer below Sample for configuring the Multiple branch and Sync

       a. Create all required branches, Update primary branch as main branch, Ex, Change Primary as Warehouse or Head Office (this might be main branch)

       b. Field  "Sync To Branch" will be enabled only after enabling the data sync feature as mentioned in above point 3.

     c. Update the field "Sync To Branch" with all target branch name to be synced. If you have multiple branch need to be sync like Head Office to Branch1,            Branch 2 etc, Then enter all branch name in comma, Ex. Branch1,Branch3 in "Sync To Branch" Field.  This need to be configured on all created branches.  If this field left blank then data cannot be sync, This can be used when one way sync, Ex. Main branch to all show room need to be sync then in main branch        need to configure the sync branch name, This field will be blank in all showroom data file. so system will be enabled one way sync, ie., main branch to all show room. This will be helpful for updating the product master and material transfer out from main branch and sync all other showroom/shop.  

4. Required to configure on all branch office main system/server system only. All client systems no need to install the Dropbox.


1. Enable the multiple branch sync, at-least one system required the Premium Subscription.

2. Sync won't works for import feature like product import, customer import etc, Before enabling the sync make sure import all master details and copy or use the same data file (.ims) to all branches, Once sync configured then only one branch update the product details then sync will update same to all required branch automatically.

4. Sync will be very effective when daily sales transaction is less than 200 numbers.

5. Periodically once delete the Dropbox archived sync file. Sync file extension is .sync

6. Make sure Dropbox always running when windows starts, Sync will works only when dropbox is running and Internet connection is available.

7. Whenever upgrading the Inventoryplus to latest version then it is very important to stop all branch works and upgrade Inventoryplus to latest version on all branch at a time and resume works.

8. Report date sync will happens only on Registered server, All client will able to generate the transaction and push to dropbox, but downloading the transaction from dropbox and upload to data file will happens only on server system.

9. Make sure select the branch for all users using others -> users screen, logged in users branch will be used as pull branch. Data will downloaded and sync to logged in users branch only. Ex. User name admin belong to branch "Bangalore Store1".  When some sales transaction added to another branch called "Bangalore Store2" from remote store, When admin user logged in "Bangalore Store1" store then data will be pulled from remote branch and sync to logged in branch, hence it is called pull.

10. When users have access to primary branch(Default name is Primary, this can be changed according to your requirements), He is able to access all other branch data, Change the branch using Others -> Branch. When branch is changed data will be displayed based on selected branch.