Report Scheduling feature

Scheduling the report is useful feature where any number of report can be scheduled at specific day and time, InventoryPlus will send the generated output to specified directory or email.  

Some of the advantage of report scheduling features are,.

1. No need to wait for long running report, Ex. Stock book with huge database will take more time to extract, Configure scheduling after shop closing hours, Software will generate the report and send data file to folder or send email as attachment.  Use Google drive sync to sync specific folder so Google drive so report will be available on-line to view at any time.

2. You want to get the regular feed on transactions? then configure report at specific time, system will generate the report and send email, This will help you to monitor your shop transactions on move!

3. Configuring the Report delivery after office house will helps generate/export data and stored on cloud drive will be useful for future reference if required.

Click on "Report Scheduling" menu from Home menu will open the Report scheduling feature.  Report scheduling screen divided into 3 sections,

1. Scheduled report : all activate and available report can be visible in this section. Next run date will indicate when report will start processing.

2. Report Monitoring :  All running report details will be available in this section.  This section contains the report started execution time and delivery type etc,.

3. Historical Report Runs : After completing the execution of reports then execution history available at this tab, This section contains Start time, end time, delivery details, In case of report failure then reason of failure etc,, This screen will help you to track the status of all executed report.

Adding new report to scheduling: Click on Scheduled Report tab and click on Add button will open the create new schedule window.  Select the desired report, specify the time and days to be executed, mention the delivery type like folder/email. Clicking on Save button will save the report for future execution.

Any reason you want to disable the report execution then you can disable the report scheduling job using Scheduled Report tab -> click on Options button and deselect Report scheduling job will stop report scheduling feature.


    • Report scheduling is available to only Premium subscription.
    • Report will execute at each 5 minutes interval,
    • Before selecting the email required to configure the email, refer here for more details about how to configure email sending feature.
    • If computer is in sleep/hibernate mode then report cannot be processed.
    • If email is configured make sure computer should be connected to Internet to send the email, Else email delivery will fails.
    • It is recommend to use the dropbox or Google drive sync generated report on cloud drive, This will help you to monitor report from your mobile/tab. After report generation done, Dropbox will sync report to your mobile and you can get the notification related to new generated report.    
    • Make sure don't schedule long running report on regular working hours, It will slow down your system if you have limited RAM or CPU power.
    • Make sure don't schedule lot of report at regular interval, it will slow down the system performance.
    • Report scheduling will works only when InventoryPlus is running.
    • User who has Contributor role able to add the new report.