Bar code configuration and usage in InventoryPlus

Configuring and using the barcode is simple in InventoryPlus. In Product details screen update the field "Barcode" with valid barcode printed in product. Thats it, Go to sales screen and just scan the barcode from barcode scanner will add item to sales list.

Configuring the Weighing scale barcode scanning:

Goto settings -> Defaults -> Sales Default settings, Select "Enable Weighing scale barcode scanning" option. Enter checksum value to identify barcode generated using weighing machine barcode printer.  Default checksum is 20. Make sure prefix 20 as checksum to weighing scale generated barcode.  Update the PLU code of product in  barcode field available in products screen.

Configuring the QR Code barcode scanning:

Goto settings -> Defaults -> General settings, Select "Enable QR code barcode scanning" option.  Goto products details screen, Update barcode field with first 20 characters of product barcode. Generally first 5 to 20 characters are common for product, update the barcode field accordingly.


    • Enable barcode scanning in purchase screen : To enable the barcode scanning while entering the purchase screen this option should be enabled.  Goto settings -> Defaults tab -> General settings -> select "Enable barcode scanning in purchase" option
    • If product/Product does not contains the barcode then assign unique 10 digit barcode number of identification. Generate barcode button found next to barcode field in Product screen can be used for auto generate the barcode
    • Generate the barcode label from barcode label printing report option available from Reports menu. Refer barcode label printing topics more about barcode sticker printing.
    • Use the USB barcode scanner, usually it is plug and play.
    • QR Code, Weighing scale barcode, UOM barcode scanning works only in Barcode field in sales screen.  Press Ctrl+Alt+B will enable field for barcode search, Ctrl+Alt+A will toggle back to product name search.