Chevrolet beat diesel TCDi Hatchback 5 seater car with 936cc engine launched in india in 2011. This car has the potential to become a game changer in the segment. It is cheapest diesel car in india(India vista not considered as Hatchback).  The Beat TCDI is the first sub-1 liter turbo-diesel hatchback in the market. It is giving the excellent mileage as company claims it is giving the 25.44 kpl.

This 936 cc 3-cylinder diesel is good for city limits. You can get the good picket and excellent mileage with less turbo lag. Chevrolet has done a good job with controlling the vibrations of the 3 cylinder diesel. Ride quality excellent even over rough road patches. There is absolutely no bounciness or bumpiness that cars like the i10 & Santro suffer from.

 Turbo-lag is hardly a bother unlike other diesel variant in 2000 rpms. Torque is good once reaching 1500 rpms. You can drive with 2nd and 3rd gear in city condition. Short gearing is good for city driving condition.  If you want to get good picket then you should always change the gear once reaching the 2000 rpms.

What you like in Beat Diesel

  1. Well tested mileage is 16-18 kmpl in city & 22-24 kmpl in highway, all with A/c.
  2. Can cruise at 120 km/hr whole day in highway.
  3. Steering is light.
  4. Suspension is very good. Nice ride quality as well as decent handling.
  5. Brakes are fantastic. 
  6. Excellent head lamps. Very good for highway driving.
  7. Less engine sound(not like other diesel car)
  8. Driving position very good for people with above average height. But bad otherwise. Front seats are good and comfortable for long trips.
  9.  It was the cheapest diesel car with a modern engine at the time of purchase. On Road 4.75L. Feels like a decent bargain.

What you won’t like in Beat Diesel

  1. Not a sprightly highway performer at all
  2. Compact 170 liter boot. 50 – 60 liters smaller than competition
  3. Very dull dark-grey interior shade.
  4. Some goodies missing (key-less entry, height adjustable driver seat) – Ask for these freebie
  5. Small rear window creates a claustrophobic ambiance at the back
  6. Too many blind spots on all sides. Will miss nearby objects like rock, divider etc, Driver should be ride with special care, should observer object before 5 meter. 
  7. Music system strictly average.
Beat Diesel Review

Chevrolet Beat Diesel Review

Conclusion : If you are looking for diesel car and want to ride in city limit then beat diesel is the better option available in this segment. If you are tall then you can go for it. Take the test drive and decide.

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