If you are thinking to replace your existing CRT Tv then LCD vs LED Features Comparison and Flat screen tv buying guide help you to take the decision on your next generation TV buy. There are three main technology available in flat screen tv are LED, LCD and Plasma. All the TV have advantage and disadvantages also.

Before purchasing flat screen TV you should consider below facts and limits,

Natural display color is important factor to buy new TV. When it comes to the color LED TV has a colored back-light, it will show the best picture compared to LCD. Plasma also wins in this category.

Viewing Angle
The viewing angle measure become very important, A viewing angle is the angle from which the image on the TV can be viewed. Plasma tv give the good viewing angle compared to LCD or LED. 

Contrast Ratio
If a TV has a good contrast ratio, it means that it shows the differences between the darker and lighter areas of the screen remarkably well.  The winner in contrast ration segment is plasma TV. The image of the plasma TV remains good and solid for viewers at almost any angle. The LED TV good compared to LCD TV and LED TV support much wider viewing angle.

Screen refresh how faster it will be the main cause for image motion quality. Plasma tv got good ration here and it refreshes screen at a faster rate. New higher ‘hz’ count of the LCD TV you can get good screen refresh. LED also uses same technology. So for higher ‘hz’ indicates better performance of the TV when it comes to fast motion sequences.

 Power Consumption
So for  LED TV consumes less power compared to LCD and Plasma TV. Plasma tv consumes more energy in flat screen tv category.

Price tag will be the main decision reason to buy the TV.  Of-course price tag matters a lot more than any of the previous factors. Current market LED TV costs more than other flat TV.  Even LED TV Price reducing drastically year on year.

TV Lifespan
The lifespan of the LED and LCD TV depends of its back-light lifespan, But its lifetime is more than plasma TV.

CONCLUSION: Current LED backlit LCD (light emitting diode) is the not TRUE LED TV. But you can get noticeable picture quality and consume less energy but You have to pay 50% more for LED Tv. Still LED Technology is emerging so it is better to wait some more time if you want to buy the LED TV.

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