Tips to purchase flat screen TV

Tips to purchase flat screen TV

Flat panel television one of the desired alternative to CRT TV because of decreased price, performance, compact features.  You can find the large number of flat screen TV models available in market. Before visiting the showroom first decide which TV will suites to your requirements.

Flat Screen TV Features and factors to decide Purchase the Flat screen TV

Light weight123
Low Power Consumption123
Picture Contrast231
Moving image221
View angle221

1 = Best                2 = Better                            3 = Good

Resolution, Brightness and Contrast

  • Resolution measures the number of pixels on the screen and can tell you quality of image.
  • Picture brightness is important, especially if the room you would watch your TV is heavily lit.
  • Low contrast ratio implies that dark images will look muddy and gray, while light images will look washed out


You can connect your TV to external electronic systems for better viewing experience.

•     Home theatre system
•     Internet
•     Set-top box or cable
•     DVD player
•     Computer
•     Digital camera & camcorder
•     Gaming console

The most advanced connectivity options available are,

  • HDMI : (high-definition multimedia interface) ports that can carry digital audio and video signals over a single connection.
  • Wired & Wireless connections:  to hook on to the internet is possible in specific models. Also look for DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compliance which will help exchange information between all DLNA compliant products eg. Laptop, Home theatre.

Screen Size

  • Standard LED & LCD TVs start at 51cms (20″), and go higher in the range upto 132cms (52″), Plasma Televisions come in sizes of 107cms (42″) and above.
  • Viewing distance is a key consideration for choosing the right screen size.

Flat Screen viewing space:

Screen-size in cmsViewing distance in feet
61 – 79 (24″ – 31″)6 ft
81 – 99 (32″ – 39″)8 ft
102 – 107 (40″ – 42″)10 ft
117 – 150 (46″ – 59″)12 ft
152 (60″ above)15 ft

Enhancing viewing experience

•     Flat screen TVs designed for wall mount; choice of a suitable place for installation will help to get good viewing over a wider area.
•     Though the internal sound system for both LED, LCD and Plasma is usually good, Because of compact in nature it does not come with high end speakers. If you are music lover then connect your TV to a Home Theater receiver for theater like experience at home.

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