Cricket live update widget available from ESPN Cricket live feed. ESPN has introduced the ESPN Widget for Nokia, Android, Apple iPhone users exclusively on related Store for free.  All the cricket lover can enjoy the 2001 cricket word cup on their mobile phone without any interrupt.

ESPN bring online cricket score and commentary features on mobile phone via widget or application. The widget keeps bringing updates on an ongoing basis. There is no subscription fee for downloading the application/widget. The users need to pay only for the data download charges as part of their operator bill. Store will bring in the following:

  • Live game coverage – Commentary, scorecard, match graphics, photographs
  • Push notifications – Get instant alerts for wickets, batsman milestones and score updates during live matches.
  • Statistics & Expert Comments
  • Schedules & Standings
  • News, Results, Fixtures, Records and Rankings
  • Video Clips
  • Live News feeds

iTuens for Apple: Check here

Android : Check here

Nokia : Check here

ESPN Cricket live update

ESPN Cricket live update widget and application

More information you can visit this ESPN website

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