You might know Apple released new iPad released today. Here you can find the detailed comparison of Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

So for Samsung galaxy tablet will be the most powerful tablet till now and even Galaxy tablet is the most popular Android table you can see right now.  It managed to give the competition to apple iPad by selling million tabs so far.

Apple iPad 2 VS Samsung Galaxy Tab Comparison
Samsung Galaxy Tab Apple iPad 2
Manufacturer Samsung Apple Inc.
Operating System Android iOS 4.3
Processor 1.08 GHz Cortex A8 A5 Dual Core
RAM 512 MB 256MB (unconfirmed)
Memory 16 GB, 32 GB 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
Screen size 7-inch 9.7-inch
Dimensions 7.48 inches tall, 4.74 inches wide, and 0.47 inch thick 9.5 tall, 7.31 inches wide and 0.34 inch thick
Multitasking Yes Yes
Camera Two cameras, front and rear Two cameras, front and rear
Video Recording Yes, Yes, 720p
WiFi and 3G Yes Yes
Flash Support Yes No
microSD Card Slot Yes No
USB Ports No No
Price varies by carrier Starting at $499

Conclusion: Samsung galaxy tab runs with Android OS and it is not specifically designed for tablet pc. You can use this tablet as phone as well, you can make call and use it for video chat because it comes with front facing camera. It support microSD card slot. It support flash and it is one of the advantages.

Apple iPad 2 built with dual core processing and OS is optimized for processer so you will get good performance.  It got good graphics processor. iPad 2 does not support flash.

Which one you like, Samsung galaxy or Apple iPad2? Comment your review so it help to other reader who want to purchase Apple iPad2 or Samsung Galaxy tab.

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