Year ago apple released iPad and new era of tablet started. Apple sold 10 million iPad within 3 months. Next couple of month there is no competitor to iPad so Apple gained market share by 99%. Now you can find many tablets from company like Samsung, Dell, Blackberry etc. This year you can expect good tablet computer from Motorola, Toshiba, again from Apple IPAD2 etc.

You can find the below one to one comparison with iPad vs Samsung galaxy and Dell streak features and configurations

IPAD vs Samsung Galaxy tab vs Dell Streak comparison

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy tab vs Dell Streak comparison

Apple Ipad looks nice in case of handy to use and its design, Samsung Galaxy you can find great feature and it is running on Android OS so you can get many free software. iPad using feature rich OS and it is in market from past couple of year so here also you can find many useful software.  If you are looking for compact one then Dell streak will be right choice. It also have many feature required in modern tablet like web cam for video chat, good battery backup, feature rich application from android market etc.

Based on above comparison looks like Samsung Galaxy tab looks great in all segments until unless you are a great fan of Apple.

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