Students believe that crazy to have Smartphone in college campus even though it is not allowed. You can use the latest technology to help in your studies. It might not help you grow exponentially in your studies. But these free Android applications would surely help you with your studies. Below selected android applications for student who want to fully utilize their smart phone.

ColorDict Universal Dictionary

This is the free android application and perfect fully functional dictionary for your Android. Dictionary is the basic thing that a student needs. And this makes ColorDict Universal Dictionary a must have Android app for Students. The best feature of this application is that it does not need Internet connection to function.


EverNote is more than a conventional notes making app. All you need to is register with it service, get a free account and start making notes right on your Android. Now you do not need a pen and paper to make notes.

Free Android Apps for Students

Free Android application for Students


This app will help you free a few dollars for your ramen fund by allowing you to create unlimited packs of flash cards on your phone, instead of index cards. Simply create a pack, add a card, fill out the front and back, and keep adding cards as you need them. When you’re done filling out the cards, swipe left or right to move to each card and tap on the screen if you need to see the back. You can also mark a card as “known” and StudyDroid will keep track of your pack knowledge by displaying a percentage of known vs. unknown.


If you do not need a complete Office Suite and still wish to view all the Office format files, then Offviewer is the app for you. This free Android app lets you view any Office format file. And in addition to it, it also supports PDF files.

HandyCalc (Free)

Less stuff to carry, more money in your pocket; it’s a scientific calculator!


Among the number of apps which let you access Wikipedia on Android, Quickpedia is one of the source. This is fast and easy way to dig Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the best source to get information about anything. And if you wish to scan the Wikipedia pages on Android, then think about trying Quickpedia.


You know Wikipedia is the best source to get information. And if you wish to scan the Wikipedia pages on Android, then Wapedia is the app that you need. This is a free Android app which lets you access number of Wikis like Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Uncyclopedia, Wikitravel and many more.

If are using any mobile applications helpful to student to their studies then please don’t forget to comment it might helpful to some other student.

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